Traditional wire stitched boxes manufacturing for a variety of uses.
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Heritage is a big part of Stitchedboxes. It has a long story beginning in 1800’s at Joseph Pickering Ltd. and since then becoming successful box making company standing out by its quality and wire stitching method.

Joseph Pickering Ltd was established in 1824 as a manufacturer of world famous Blanco polish. It later moved into the manufacture of boxes for packaging. Arkote was a customer for Pickering’s specialist ‘stitched’ boxes and when the company went into receivership in 2009 Arkote acquired the wire stitched box part of the company.

Arkote now manufactures its own boxes, and also sells boxes to customers who previously bought from Pickerings plus many notable UK businesses such as Selfridges and the British National Archive.

Stitchedboxes are different from other box makers because of not using glue. All the boxes are being put together using traditional wire-stitching method and made from solid cardboard sheets sourced in Great Britain.

Wire stitching is used to increase the permanence of our boxes and to further combat degradation of adhesives commonly used in box making. Wire stitching also improves durability and directly enhances the ability to resist wear and tear during use.

Stitchedboxes also offers alternative finish options, such as hot foil blocking, to add a touch of personalisation to the boxes.

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