HMK specialises in the development and manufacture of Tungsten Carbide Knives, HSS knives and replacement wearparts for high speed processing machinery.
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In the early part of 2016 HMK Ltd was acquired by Arkote Ltd of Sheffield. The two businesses have a long standing relationship, supplying Tungsten Carbide knives to the Tobacco industry.

Arkote is the world leader in knife supply to the global Tobacco industry and the HMK acquisition expands the total product scope and provides security for the future of HMK.

Tungsten Carbide is an extremely versatile, highly wear resistant material. Over the past fifty years it has been introduced into almost every industrial processing or machining operation undertaken.

From the smallest ball in the end of a ball point pen, through to spraying nozzles, machine knives, woodworking bits, metal cutting and forming tips to complicated progression press tooling. There are few items in today’s world that have not had some association with Tungsten Carbide tooling in its manufacturing process.

tobacco industry knives

The Tobacco Industry

A wide range of knives and wear parts for tobacco processing, in both cigarette and cigar making and packaging areas.

brick and tile cutting

Brick And Tile Industry

Highly specialised Tungsten Carbide and Carbon Tool Steel based products to cope with this very demanding process.

rubber blades

The Rubber Industry

The super sharp cutting edge and excellent wear properties makes a tungsten carbide knife the perfect choice.

plotter blades

Plotter Blades

We offer a large range of non-OEM replacement digital cutting blades to suit market leading digital die cutters.

paper straw cutting

The Paper Industry

Precise circular tungsten carbide knives for fast paper straw production, always in stock.

food processing blades

The Food Industry

The majority of parts supplied by HMK for the food industry are made to specialised customer requirements for both food processing and packaging applications.

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