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Grinding Wheels And Discs

A complimentary range of grinding wheels and discs for all your knife grinding requirements.

Alongside the world leading knives, Arkote supplies a complimentary range of knife grinding products used both in the primary and making/tipping areas of tobacco manufacturing; including the well known Adamantine brand.

Tobacco Knife Grinding Wheels

High quality bonded abrasive wheels made to OEM specifications can be supplied for all tobacco cutters to specifically grind our knives. These wheels are consistently produced to our high quality standards. Also available alongside the wheels are the Diamond Dressers required to dress these wheels.

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Cigarette Cutting Knife Grinding Discs

Adamantine Grinding Wheels and Discs were first introduced in 1967 and remain a world leading name in the tobacco industry. As part of the worldwide Fi-Tech Inc group of companies Adamantine, based in Richmond, Virginia, USA continues to manufacture Grinding discs to the highest standards as demanded by our global customers.

These electroplated abrasive wheels and discs made to OEM specifications are utilised in all cigarette makers and tippers, and are made using Borazon®, a synthetic diamond material manufactured by the General Electric Corporation in the USA. Produced using modern and environmentally friendly processes these grinding wheels or discs are supplied by Arkote to compliment the range of knives used in the cutting of cigarettes and filters.

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Our high level of quality is maintained through detailed inspection processes and expert knowledge of the grinding technologies, and our rigorous controls mean that both the Grinding wheels and grinding Discs meet both ours and our global industries high quality standards.

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