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Cigarette Cutting Knives

Arkote cigarette rod and filter cutting knives are internationally recognised by Global producers who expect:

  • Reliable performance
  • Durability and resilience
  • Stability and consistency
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Value for money
  • First class product support
  • Flexible logistics

Arkote Cigarette Rod Cutting knives are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of modern day cigarette makers.

Arkote is proud to be a partner to brand leading names within the global tobacco industry. Arkote manufactures cigarette and filter cutting knives for world renowned secondary processing machines such as Hauni, Molins, GD, Decoufle & Sasib. Cigarette cutting knives made by Arkote are consistently produced to the highest ISO9001 standards.

Specialised Materials

Using specialist alloy steels specifically developed over many years in collaboration with our major global industry partners and our expert metallurgists, Arkote cigarette rod cutting knives are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of modern day cigarette makers. Through close links with our long standing suppliers we are able to specify our exact requirements ensuring the precise material composition is supplied every time.

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Advanced Automated Manufacturing Techniques

Our precise, modern manufacturing techniques have been perfected through continuous improvement systems over many years to ensure the knives are produced consistently to the highest standards. Through use of cutting edge manufacturing processes including automation and robotics Arkote are able to manufacture millions of parts with impeccable accuracy and consistency meaning the knife will produce a perfect cut every time.

The high level of customer demand within the industry for quality knives that can be relied upon to perform with consistency and efficiency in high production speeds, has driven Arkote to ensure our cigarette rod and filter cutting knives are of the highest value ensuring a high quality finished product.

Cigarette cutting knives

High Standards of Quality & Service

Our high level of quality is maintained through continuous in-process inspection, and our rigorous controls mean that our knives meet both ours and our global industries high quality standards.

Cigarette rod cutting knives are available for the following machines:
AMF  Decoufle GD Hauni Molins Sasib  

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