Quality & Service

A reputation for quality and service built up over 60 years

As the World’s leading supplier of machine knives to the tobacco industry, Arkote delivers consistently high quality knives with excellent cutting performance.  We provide our Global customers with peace of mind - optimum packing solutions and intelligent logistics mean your products arrive safely and you can rest easy everything arrives on time, looking its best.

    Extensive experience of working with Global brand producers in over
        80 countries

     A thorough knowledge of the requirements of tobacco manufacturing processes
     Approved manufacturer to major tobacco cutting and cigarette machine

    Proven expertise in the manufacture of resilient and reliable machine knives
     Our commitment to ethical employment and environmental policies
     Extensive warehousing for stock of our best selling products
     SAP order processing system and dedicated staff for fast turnaround
     Fully compliant with Incoterms and global export legislation
     A commitment to partnerships in innovation / co-development of new products
     BS : EN ISO 9001 2015 accreditation

Arkote’s quality management system helps deliver products that not only meet our high quality standards but also exceed the expectations of industries that demand the very best levels of customer service.

Quality Systems

Our commitment to the principles of Kaizan, in our practice and philosophy of continuous improvement, mean that we strive each day to improve all parts of the company - from production to logistics. We believe that this adherence to the fundamental ideology of change for the better gives our customers the confidence to know that our products and service will be of the highest standards. Our Lean manufacturing adopts the methodology of 5S within the organisation. This is at the heart of the way we work. Our commitment to these beliefs means we continue to be efficient and effective in order to be the very best partner to our customers.


Arkote produces tobacco processing machine knives to a consistently high standard. Our superior value products and first class service has been recognised in the awarding of the ISO9001 accreditation in 2010 and which has been maintained to present day. The award recognises the dedication and efforts of every member of the loyal Arkote workforce, who have helped establish Arkote as an internationally recognised brand standing for quality and service. Certification was granted by European Certification Ltd in respect of our Quality Management System applied in the field of manufacture and supply of industrial machine blades.

Arkote is also proud to represent the long standing brand of ‘Made in Sheffield’. To find out more about the brand, please visit: http://www.madeinsheffield.org/



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