Anti Counterfeiting Policy

Counterfeiting has become a serious and growing problem for the global tobacco industry. It is a threat to our customers and therefore a threat to Arkote Ltd, which has served the tobacco industry since 1881. In most countries where Arkote Ltd sells its tobacco processing machine knives, counterfeiting is illegal.

The issue of counterfeiting is of critical importance to Arkote Ltd. We are dedicated to protecting our own knife brand and trademark and shall also assist our customers wherever possible to protect their brands and trademarks.

Arkote Ltd has established a policy with regard to Anti-Counterfeiting as follows:

"Arkote Ltd will not knowingly supply our tobacco processing machine knives and consumables for use in producing counterfeits of our customers' brands."

If Arkote Ltd is presented with evidence that a company or individual has been found guilty by competent authorities of counterfeiting any of our customers branded products, then Arkote Ltd will cease doing business with such customers and will also request our Agents and Distributors to do the same.

We have made our Agents and Distributors aware of this Anti-Counterfeiting Policy.

C.L. Bassett - Chairman
Peter Skinner - Managing Director

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