Advanced Manufacturing

Our past gives us our reputation, our future comes from innovation. Adoption of the latest manufacturing technologies ensures our customers receive consistently high quality tobacco machine knives on demand.

The Arkote management team is committed to the use of advanced manufacturing technology to improve our products and production processes. Our organisation leads the field in tobacco knife manufacturing by adopting new and innovative production technologies in order to remain competitive and add value to our knife and grinding wheel products.

Technology Adoption

Through connections with Sheffield Universities and the locally situated Advanced Manufacturing Research Park, Arkote engages in the rapid transfer of technology and skills into our manufacturing processes wherever practical. Recent examples of our commitment to the use of advanced technology include the implementation of fully automated robotic systems and high efficiency deep grinding (HEDG) platforms. We are also committed to providing our experts with the latest material characteristic testing services by working with the National Physical Laboratory.

Established Reputation

With over 100 years’ experience in tobacco knife manufacturing, Arkote maintains a mixture of traditional and market leading technologies. We understand the importance of balancing volume and scale economies with labour and skill content. 

Arkote adopts advanced manufacturing in order to provide our Global clients with:

    Durable products
    Reliable products
    Affordable products
    Available  products

Management Methodologies

Arkote also employs advanced manufacturing by encompassing lean production techniques and enhanced supply chain integration in to our production management process scheduling. The Arkote archives contain over 60 years of tobacco knife and grinding wheel market intelligence, which has been deployed into our SAP Business One administration system. This database ensures that our planning of raw materials and production capacity are optimally allocated to meet demand – meaning we all succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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