Tobacco Cutting Knives

Arkote are the world leader in the manufacture of Tobacco cutting knives

As a long standing partner to the global industry, Arkote manufactures Tobacco Cutting Knives for world renowned primary tobacco processing machines such as Hauni, Garbuio, Dickinson Legg, Molins, Comas, ITM & Kunming. Tobacco knives made by Arkote are consistently produced to the highest ISO9001 standards.

Arkote tobacco cutting knives are internationally recognised by Global producers who expect:

    Reliable performance (reduce machine downtime)
     Durability and resilience
     Stability and consistency
     First class product support
     Flexible logistics

Using specialist alloy steels specifically developed over many years in collaboration with our major global industry partners and our expert metallurgists, Arkote tobacco cutting knives are specifically manufactured to meet the demands of modern day tobacco cutting machines. Through close links with our long standing suppliers we are able to specify our exact requirements ensuring the precise material composition is supplied every time.

Unique Manufacturing Processes

Our precise modern manufacturing processes ensure that the knives are constantly produced to our high quality standards, resulting in a consistent perfect cut every time. Our in-house heat treatment facilities have been developed over many years to produce tobacco cutting knives that will endure the demands of the tobacco cutting process. These processes allow us to maintain the specified material hardness and in so doing ensures that no material defects or abnormalities exist, maintaining a consistency of hardness and material structure across the knife.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Our high levels of technology and automation are crucial to allow this quality to be maintained throughout all production processes time after time, knife after knife, producing the very best results.

High Standards of Quality & Service

Our high level of quality is maintained through continuous in-process inspection, and our rigorous controls mean that our knives meet both ours and our global industries high quality standards.


Tobacco knives are available for the following machines:

Hauni  Garbuio  Dickinson Legg ♦ Molins  ITM  Comas  Kunming


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