Other Knives

Arkote also supplies a variety of other industrial knives for both the Tobacco industry and other industries such as paper, plastics and synthetic fibres.

Within the Tobacco industry a range of knives are produced including

    Cigar Cutters
    Arenco circulars
    Bundle Buster knives
    Guillotine blades
    Toothed Knives
    Paper knives
    Lab Cutters
    Foil Knives

All knives are manufactured to the highest quality using the very best materials carefully sourced by our expert metallurgists.

Other Industrial Machine Knives

Whilst Arkote has a reputation for the manufacture of Tobacco knives, this is by no means the only market we serve. By utilising the skills that we have developed in the production of tobacco knives, we are able to manufacture knives for many other industries in a variety of materials and sizes.

These industries include:

♦     Packaging
     Fibre production

Fi-Tech Europe

Through Fi-tech Europe we are able to supply specialist blades for a wide range of industries including blades for the Fibres industry, foils, film, glass, paper, cardboard, staple fibre, carpet flooring, textiles, polystyrene, rubber, food, stripping cables and deburring plastic. See www.fi-techeurope.com for more information.

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