Tobacco Cutting Knives

Arkote primary cutting knives are supplied for all major Tobacco cutters. By specifying Arkote tobacco cutting knives you will be assured of 100% quality every time.

Cigarette Cutting Knives

As a trusted partner of the global tobacco industry, Arkote cigarette and filter cutting machine knives are used in secondary production for cigarette rod & filter cutting around the world.

Grinding Wheels & Discs

A full range of grinding wheels and borazon grinding discs that will maintain a long life cutting edge of your tobacco machine knives and cigarette cutting knives.

Quality & Service

A worldwide reputation for manufacturing tobacco machine knives of the highest quality, accompanied by excellence in customer service and global logistics expertise.

Company History

With a history stretching back over 130 years, Arkote is still a thriving and innovating business in the 21st century making us world leaders in machine knives for the tobacco industry.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our past gives us our reputation, our future comes from innovation. Adoption of the latest manufacturing technologies ensures our customers receive consistently high quality on demand.

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